Introduction to A Thousand-Word Equivalence

As the old adage goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Greetings!  Allow me to thank you for at least clicking on the link leading to this page!  It warms my heart knowing someone has a sort of passing curiosity for what this humble site is about, and for that, I am grateful.

Welcome to A Thousand-Word Equivalence, a site dedicated to various writings about anime, i.e. analyses, essays, and reviews!  The focal point of this site, however, will be on the extensive analyses of specific shots and scenes that I deem to be substantial in nature relative to either their attributed episodes, characters, themes, or their series as a whole.  From motifs, character-acting, dialogue, cinematography, and even directorial quirks, there are multiple facets to any given shot/scene that serve to portray a more significant purpose.

I believe that a single shot/scene can be a dense microcosm of a series’ intentions, and so it is with that mindset that I seek to dissect such microcosms in a manner that is extensive (potentially overly-extensive), open-to-interpretation (I’m all up for discussions), and engaging (hopefully).


In addition to being a place for potentially pretentious in-depth analysis, AT-WE (working acronym for the site) is also an outlet for creative expression.  It is the sanctuary where I can freely articulate the thoughts and ideas that my mind conjures on a daily basis, be it on my commutes, at work, or even at the dead of night (when they are most extreme, oddly enough).  As such, essays on various topics, personal rants, and opinionated editorials may also be present, and I would greatly implore you to comment with your thoughts and opinions on any/all of them, as I hope to not only provoke responses, but also facilitate discussions.

Wholesome, constructive, and respectful discussions, please.

In any case, that will be it for this introduction.  Feel free to follow the website for further activity, as I aim to post at least once a week. Or, better yet, follow me on Twitter (@makimakidesuwa) for updates and random shitpostings, as it is my primary social-media platform.

Hopefully this post serves as an interesting precursor of what is to come.  As this is the first time I’m doing such a passion-project, I am rather excited about the content that I will be producing soon, and I hope that you look forward to them as well.

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to see you in the future.

-John C.


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